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Acquisition report to convince private owners

Betterplace helps you to increase your chances to augment your portfolio thanks to the catchment report designed to convince the private owners on the first call.

This report allows you to show the difference in your area between trying to sell on their own and using the services of a real estate agent.

1) Locate the property 

From the File of the property, you can generate the acquisition report directly from the following button

NOTE: It is also possible to prepare this report from the list of properties displayed in the "Search" tool.

2) Configure the report

In addition to being automatically generated with your brand's logo and corporate colour, you can personalise all the information so that the first contact with the owner makes the difference with your competitors.

  • Chose the language.

  • Add the customer´s name and surname in the report

  • Add your agent details and biography to build trust from the first contact.

  • Choose what information about the area you want to show to convince him/her that he/she needs your help:

  • The percentage of dwellings sold by real estate agents vs. private owners

  • The time it takes to sell for the owners when they do it on their own.

  • The price reduction that a private owner has to make to sell his property

  • Incorporate the history of the property to show the previous study you have carried out of it

  • (Optional 1): Add comments and highlight the most relevant features

  • (Optional 2): Add PDF files as aditional information 

  • Choose in which format you want to download your report and if you want to share it by whatsapp

  • Add comments that speak of your differential value.

  • Choose in which format you want to download the report and you want to share it by whatsapp.

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